Everlasting God
Song notes by Don Hershman
(October, 2011)

Overall, this cd has a victorious tone, which
includes lyrics of relationship with, and
dependency on, God. It is not soaking music
and is great for listening while driving or
walking or working.
1. King Jesus: This song carries who themes: The beginning and the end collectively refer to the God of
Creation and His passion and heart for us “before anything was made”. The main theme of the song simply
acknowledges the goodness of God in my life and the work and Kingship of Jesus.

I Will Not Be Moved: I attended a small but powerful worship service under a tent in Evansville,Indiana in
2010. During that service, Isaiah 50:7 was declared: Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be
disgraced. Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame. When I got home from
the meeting, I could not shake the phrase, “I set my face like flint” and this inspired me to write this song of

Dimensions: This song was inspired by Paul’s apostolic prayer for spiritual empowerment in
Ephesians: 3:14‐19.

Everlasting God: I am smitten with God for who He is. His power, His perfection, His beauty simply
overwhelm me. He is all of this and more, and “yet he lives in me”. The song declares who God is and extols
His work in my life. This had to be the title track because the song repeatedly declares His worth. I purposely
kept the song simple and redundant to drive the main point that God is THE “Everlasting God” home. Glory.
That is me yelling “you are God” during the break. One was just pitch shifted lower. I was led by God, I believe,
to whistle at the end. In the Spirit, that is really HIM whistling over us. Can you tell He has everything under
control, is not surprised by anything, and is in charge of everything?

Everything: This is an intimate song that tells my God who He is to me. The Indian flutes I am using transfer
a lot of breathiness to the recording. I did not attempt to remove this quality because it represents that He “is
the one who gives me every breath”.

My Love My God: The inspiration for this song came from an open vision I had while worshipping God. I was
leading worship at a conference in Mayfield KY in 2009, and I had just gotten done doing what I call “Martha
work”. Martha work is the junk and stuff that comes with being a worship leader, but I hate it. I love “Mary
work”, where I can just sit at the feet of Jesus. Anyway, everyone had left and I said to myself, “now it is my
turn”. I started to worship to “The Longing” by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera and God almost immediately
swooped in and gave me His reward….HIM. I had a vision in which I was standing (but blind) before the throne
of God. Millions of other saints where there, but I was alone (only God can do that!). The essence of the
vision is that I felt the love, mercy, acceptance, and Fatherhood of God and the utter holiness, power, and
“otherness” of God all at the same time and in equal measures. The first made me want to run to God has hard
and as fast as I could. To jump up on His lap! The latter struck me with the fear of God and made me wanted
to run away from Him as far and as fast as I could. The two emotions being experienced in equal measures
and at the same time caused me to drop where I was in a heap of tears (and a bloody nose from crying so
hard) before the throne where I just worshipped Him. There was a point where I just could not get low enough.
That is the duality of God. He is ultimately loving and utterly holy at the same time. I love the “Daddy God”
theology that is so common these days, but it is easy to forget that He is also holy beyond measure. To take
that for granted is not in order and that is why the bible teaches that the elders cast their crowns before the
throne and fall down and worship. They are not on His lap. Rather, they are on the floor as I was. Anyway, the
key lyrics in the song is: “I see You in your beauty….yet behold your severity…..the transcendent God….You
are utterly holy. And I bow down to my knees and worship”.

I Must Have You: This is just a song that reveals my longing to see God my clearly and fully. A longing that
will be fulfilled only in eternity. “Shadows of Your Glory…do not satisfy…I desperately seek…what only You
can provide” is the key lyric.

Light: In the summer of 2010 I was sitting on my front porch before sunrise, praying. As the sky began to
grow brighter in the east, the sun eventually popped up over the top of a neighbor’s roof and hit me on the
face. The rays of the sun were both warming and inspiring. The words and melody to this song just popped out
and I ran upstairs and put it to music. It is a simple song of hope and blessing.

Child Come: When I wrote and recorded this song, He was profoundly touching a broken place in me. It took
me many attempts to record it because every time I sang the words “come with me, I’ve given everything, so I
can be with you my love” I was undone and began to weep. I might be the only person on the planet moved by
this song, but that’s ok; I am. I can even pick out one of the voices of children playing at the end of the song
and knew that kid was me, well sort of. Can you hear yourself as you sense the love of God?

You Move Me: Another love song to Jesus, similar to Everything. I love the phrase “You breathe out and I
breathe in, sustaining all I am”. The last time I sang the chorus while I was recording the vocals, God grabbed
a hold of me. You can hear my voice crack. It was very unprofessional of me to leave that in the final mix, but it
was a rare and authentic moment that I simply could not erase. It drives home the point I was singing at the
time “Lord, I long to soak in Your glory cloud…..Lord, I long to be with You”. Amen.

Throne: So many times and in so many ways I have mediated on the verses in the bible that describe the
throne of God. I have said, “God I want to see what the living creatures see”. This song is my visualization of
what they see. The reverse guitar parts in the song are the way I chose to represent the living creatures
buzzing about the throne. The bridge departs briefly from the main theme in that it declares things from my
perspective. The second part of the song arose spontaneously as I was recording the acoustic guitar track. It is
a “new song” declaring all glory belongs to the Lamb.

Stir Up My Soul: This is another of several multi‐part songs on this cd. The first part is me attempting to
describe who God is in human terms, and according to my senses, but nothing in me and nothing of me can do
an adequate job of describing the main attributes of God. I then relent and simply ask God to do in me what
only HE can do...to “stir up my soul”. The second part reveals my destiny in Christ and suggests that, “this is
the time…and this is the place….this is the season….for me to shine, shine, shine”. I then make a series of
declarations which state that I will do whatever it takes for me to grab hold of and walk in my destiny. “I cast off
the anchor….that’s been weighing me down….I let go of fear and the doubt, I stand on Your word…I will walk
in Your power”. This is my personal song of crying out and of victory! So be it by His grace. By the way, the
phrase “all hands on deck, nobody left on the shelf” came out of a prophetic writing by my dear sister in the
Lord, Heather Butler from Wales, UK.

I pray these songs notes help you to catch the Spirit of the CD Everlasting God.
-- Don