Over the past 2009 years, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been martyred for spreading the
Gospel of Jesus Christ -  for simply loving, trusting, and obeying Jesus.  The title song on this CD reminds
us that Christians all across the world continue to be persecuted and, in many cases, killed for Jesus.  
Christian martyrdom is part of God's redemptive plan (Rev. 6:9-11) and the Persecuted Church is the seed
by which Christianity spreads. Blood still flows!! Pray without ceasing for the Persecuted Church.
The story begins with the creation and ends in the presence of God. Everything in between represents life in
the here and now. May God bless you as you listen to this music. May He give you spiritual ears to hear Him
calling you and a heart burning with passion to know Him.
The poetic biblical book, Song of Solomon, reveals the process that God unfolds in the lives of believers
who are truly seeking to know Him in all His fullness, and personally.  He calls us; we pray 'draw us.' He
then leads us to the entrance of His
Secret Stairs. Step by step He leads us up the stairs. During this
process we begin to appreciate Him for who He is, not just what He has done for us. As we begin to get a
deeper understanding of His love for us, He leads us into a deeper love relationship with Him.
Spiritual Vignettes - slices of the Christian walk - was birthed out of God's desire for you to know Him better.
His love for you is perfect and He has a complete awareness of every aspect of your life, including your
divine destiny. After all, He is your Creator. Let Him woo you into a deeper relationship. Let Him sweep you
off your feet. Let Him lead you where He wants you to go. As you go deeper into Him, you will begin to see
your King at new levels of beauty and perfection. He is the One with endless names of blessing, power,
love, deliverance, righteousness, justice, and mercy. He is the source of transformation from what you are
now, to what He has called  you to be. . . His and His alone. He says, "Taste and see that I am good."

The songs on this recording relate the story of one man's spiritual journey. Like Jacob who wrestled with
God and was forever changed. He wavers between God and the world until he finally yields and cries out
to the Lord "I Offer You My Heart." His life of struggle is then transformed into one of worship, gratitude,
and intercession. Finally, his attention turns to the "Prize" salvation and an eternity in the presence of God,
which begins on the "Day of Hope."
This CD is a product of the overflow of love and acceptance I continually receive from my
Heavenly Father. His devotion to me, and unfathomable love for me, as expressed through the
incredible gift and sacrifice of His Son, is what fuels the fire that burns within. Life is but a brief
moment and then, eternity with Him.